The Del Monte® brand is among the most well-known brands in America because of its heritage, quality, and diverse product range. We deliver on this for your products too.

Del Monte Food Ingredients Group is the division of Del Monte Foods, Inc. (DMFI) focused on providing the highest quality fruit and vegetable ingredients to producers of all types of finished products for consumers and foodservice operations. With a history of top quality and innovation, both in the agriculture development and processing of small and large packaging options, DMFI has been at the forefront of developing the rich agricultural heritage and processes to deliver consistent quality and sustainable supply. This assures you receive the ingredient products you need to maximize success.

As one of the most important fruit sources behind the ingredient product line, the pineapple deserves special attention. Del Monte Foods, Inc. was the original developer of commercial pineapple cultivation in the Philippines. The cultivation, harvesting, and packing processes for all the pineapple sold under our brands are conducted by company-owned operations in the Philippines. This assures the superior consistency and year-round availability your production demands.

Other fruit such as peaches, apricots and tomatoes are grown and packed in the San Joaquin Valley of California, where Del Monte Foods, Inc. got its start in the 1880s as the California Fruit Packing Co. Pears are grown in the Yakima area of Washington State. Many of these products are now packed with the latest technologies such as aseptic processing using the latest High Temperature Short Time thermal processes. Fruit piece size, shape, flavor, and firmness are maintained even while the thermal process assures unsurpassed food safety and quality.